Traceability Information Exchange

Our Traceability Information Exchange consists of two cloud-based systems seamlessly interconnected;
  • EPCIS Traceability Engine
  • Master Data Server/CRM

TraceTracker's Traceability Information Exchange is a cloud-based EPCIS service with traceability and asset tracking functionality.  The service enables companies to optimize operations and meet critical business needs by leveraging real-time tracking information. It aggregates, stores and retrieves electronic product code data related to individual products, batches, trade items and assets. Even as products or assets move between locations, change ownership, divide into separate shipments, or join together, the TIX EPCIS Service maintains a complete history of where they have been and how they transformed. To learn more, download product sheet or send us an email.

EPCIS Traceability Engine, connect all traceability information for online track&trace
Master Data Server/CRM

We have chosen to utilize an open source solution for handling the master data needed for our customers. The solution is built in SuiteCRM, a fork of SugarCRM. This enables us to benefit from a large crowd of developers and access a lot of functionality, as well as built-in integration with a vaste number of other systems. We have customized our implementation and integrated it closely and seamlessly with our Traceability engine, so that both systems operates as one. The user interface is very intuitive and most of our customers maintain the master data themselves.

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