Can you prove the sustainability of your products?
  • Challenge
  • Today "sustainability" is more than just a buzz word. Companies with complex value chains need comprehensive product sustainability solutions that will help them meet current and upcoming product sustainability standards. They need traceability throughout the value chain from ingredients to consumer goods. Measuring and monitoring the environmental impact of each product meets customer demands and reduces costs in the long run.
  • Solutions
  • For this purpose TraceTracker offers customized and standardized solutions that facilitate whole chain collaboration to meet sustainability goals. Our GTNet Discovery Service and TIX EPCIS Service help ensure transparency of your entire consumer goods value chain by enabling data sharing between trading partners. These cloud-based services enable brand and private label owners to take the lead in ensuring collective value chain responsibility for sustainability. Accessible online interfaces give you the information you need to demonstrate the sustainable source of ingredients.

  • To enhance the guarantee that supplies indeed come from sustainable sources, our software contains Chain of Custody requirements. This is a set of chain-wide administrative and technical requirements for traceability.
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  • Downloads
  • BASF Case Study (English) BASF Case Study (English) (150 KB)

  • BASF, one of the largest chemical companies in the world is using TraceTracker's GTNet with business partners to achieve whole-chain traceability.
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