Recall and withdrawal management
Are you prepared in the case of a recall or withdrawal? Product recalls and withdrawals cause billions of dollars in damages every year for product companies. The longer it takes to uncover the source and cause of contaminated or defective products, the larger the impact becomes. Time is key, and any solution that cuts down the effects of a recall means significant savings.
  • Solutions
  • TraceTracker offers a robust and effective recall management systems tailored-made to fit your unique needs. The solutions enable companies to pinpoint all of the batches and products that are related to contaminated and defective items. Using interactive traceability graphs companies can immediately identify all involved parties and look up contact information. 

  • The recall management solutions are based on our proven product traceability methodology. Individual products are marked with unique identifiers encoded on tags such as 1D, 2D barcodes, passive or active RFID. The tags are read either manually or using readers such as RFID readers at critical points along the supply chain. Then the information is uploaded automatically to TraceTracker’s TIX EPCIS Service where it is aggregated and stored. Online interfaced layered on top of the TIX enable users to investigate recalls and take immediate action, identifying related batches, and contact all of the necessary parties. 
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