Product Traceability
Incidents of counterfeit goods, spoiled or lost inventory and product contamination place brand names at risk. Now more than ever companies need to ensure the safety and integrity of their products not just within their four walls but along the entire supply chain. With increasing industry regulations and buyer demands, rapid risk mitigation tools are becoming essential.
  • Solutions
  • TraceTracker’s traceability products, solutions and services help companies protect against risks and increase buyer confidence through supply chain visibility. The solutions provide insight into the history and movement of individual products and trade units. By aggregating product data from within companies and across supply chains, companies can comply with regulations while demonstrating their commitment to quality, safety and security. This new level of supply chain visibility enables additional benefits such as streamlining operations and differentiating products.
  • Levels of traceability
  • TraceTracker’s traceability solutions such as the TIX work on two levels, both internally and between supply chain partners.

  • Use Cases

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