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Today customers and consumers are asking for more product information than ever before. Beyond simply wanting to know how much a product costs, they are requesting sourcing and production details concerning nutrition, food safety, sustainability measures and regulation compliance. You may have full product traceability, you may follow the highest food safety and quality standards, but how do you communicate this information with your direct buyers and the final consumer?
  • Solutions
  • B2B
  • Developing an interactive communication channel with your buyers increases sales and boosts the value of your brand. Layered on top of Tracetracker's TIX EPCIS Service, the interfaces provide business customers with instant access to production, processing and transportation details. By entering product ID numbers into a website, they can view dynamic sourcing charts or download certificates and test results. With a team of experienced design professionals, TraceTracker can customize web interfaces to meet your needs and attract the customers you desire.
  • B2C
  • The TraceTracker Food Explorer initiates shopper dialogue by providing useful product information on websites, PDA, and point-of-sale kiosks. Consumers can search for the ingredients, product history, nutritional information or environmental records of individual products or product lines. These access points can also offer advice, recipes, coupons, entertainment, health and wellness tips and educational information to help inform shopper's choices. Extended product information builds consumer trust and highlights your commitment to quality, safety and social responsibility.
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