RTI Management
Reusable Transport Items (RTI) are increasingly popular as an alternative to disposable containers and pallets used to transport products between companies. However RTIs pose their own challenges if they are not managed through a comprehensive system. Without and overview of their locations or use, they can be easily misplaced, damaged or destroyed which increases overall costs. Tracking the RTIs by hand is both unfeasible and costly. So optimizing RTI use is critical to saving money and time.
  • Solutions
  • TraceTracker offers custom RTI Management systems to meet your unique needs. Individual RTIs are marked with unique identifiers encoded on tags such as 1D, 2D barcodes, passive or active RFIDs, or even GPS. As the RTIs pass through key locations the tags are scanned and the the information is uploaded to TraceTrackers TIX EPCIS Service. Even as items pass through multiple locations a complete record of their movement and status is recorded. Then an online interface displays their location along with reports and other analytic tools backed by a powerful business intelligence engine.
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