TIX EPCIS Service - Premium
The TIX EPCIS - Premium goes beyond the 4 walls of your company and enables you to share logistics and product details with select trading partners. A dynamic user interface provides both internal production graphs and full supply chain graphs so users can locate, inspect and analyze sourcing information about trade units or batches. Based on industry standards, the service and associated components benefit companies of all sizes from small producers to large manufacturers or retailers. Included features enable users to evaluate suppliers, implement sustainability initiatives or enact a recall. 

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Recall management
Quickly identify and contact all customers that received products from a single production batch, or that included a common ingredients. Trace back from a single batch to all of the incoming shipments related to a batch and determine which suppliers and suppliers of suppliers could have been involved in defective or contaminated products.
Counterfeit detection and deterrence
Look up a unique product ID to see if it has been registered and is authentic. Confirm that a product has fully documented chain of custody.
Sustainability Initiatives
Easily find sustainability documentation for products that pass through multiple trading partners.
Supplier Evaluation
Connect to suppliers and evaluate their ability to meet your buying requirements. View product information for individual trade units online through any web browser.
Cold Chain Monitoring
Collaborate with suppliers to track and monitor the temperature of perishable goods as they travel through the supply chain. Look up any individual product to see a full temperature chart from the producer to the retail shelf.
Market Access
Immediately locate and download product information, product history, certifications, and chain of custody documentation needed to export individual products to lucrative foreign markets.
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