TIX EPCIS Service - Basic
If you are looking for traceability or asset tracking capabilities within your four walls, then the basic TIX EPCIS Service is the best choice. It can be used for everything from internal product recalls to shipment verification, RTI management and fleet management. The service captures and stores electronic product code data about the status and movement of items such as products, components, assets, and batches. It comes with an simple online interface, business intelligence functionality and an application that streamlines data uploading from diverse sources. An optional master data server is also available for companies with large data loads, or existing master data servers can be used.

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Internal traceability
Trace back from a single outgoing shipment to all of the related incoming shipments. Track forward from incoming shipments to related outgoing shipments. Achieve required "one up- one down" traceability.
Internal product recall or withdrawal
Look up the unique ID of a final product to find all of the trade units, ingredients and components that have been involved in its production. Inspect quality and sourcing data for select items to deduce possible causes of defective or non-standard products.
Customer communication
Share sourcing and production details directly with customers to prove compliance with customer requirements and expectations. For seafood companies, show where and how fish was caught.
Shipment verification
Double check and verify contents of incoming shipments online. Easily check the number of received goods against the number that was ordered. Immediately inform suppliers when discrepancies arise.
RTI management
Use a single solution to track all reusable containers and pallets. Monitor container movements, locations and status.
Asset tracking
Track the location, movement and status of assets such as tools and equipment in real time.
Fleet management
Manage a fleet of vehicles online through a single interface. Track vehicle history and status.
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