TraceTracker's Traceability Information Exchange (TIX) is a cloud-based EPCIS service with traceability and asset tracking functionality.  The service enables companies to optimize operations and meet critical business needs by leveraging real-time tracking information. It aggregates, stores and retrieves electronic product code data related to individual products, batches, trade items and assets. Even as products or assets move between locations, change ownership, divide into separate shipments, or join together, the TIX EPCIS Service maintains a complete history of where they have been and how they transformed.

Two Editions
The TIX EPCIS Service comes in two editions; a basic-version for internal traceability and asset tracking and a premium version for data sharing with other trading partners. Both versions are provided as an online, cloud service with affordable set up and subscription fees.

TIX EPCIS Service - Basic
TIX EPCIS Service - Premium

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