Global Traceability Network (GTNet)
Are you lacking visibility along your supply chain?

When products are traded between multiple companies, information about their movements remains hidden in separate databases making it difficult determine their history, authenticity and final destination. Without insight into these product movements, companies lack the information needed to implement cost saving measures, streamline operations, and avoid risks.

TraceTracker's Global Traceability Network is a cloud-based discovery service that enables greater supply chain visibility by providing a look up mechanism. It links together disparate EPCIS  repositories in a secure network thus enabling applications related to supply chain visibility, product traceability and asset tracking.

Sold along with the TIX EPCIS Service- premium, the GTNet provides a simple way to share item-level data while retaining complete control. Users decide who has access to data and how much they can view. At the same time the GTNet integrates data from diverse ERP, MES, PES or POS systems. It follows best practices and complies with industry standards such as EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Services) from GS1.

GTNet Product Sheet GTNet Product Sheet (29329 KB)

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