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  • Track equipment with your mobile phone!
  • TraceTracker Asset Mobile (TT Asset Mobile) is a new application for smart telephones that tracks equipment and tools in near real-time. Now construction workers can increase their effectiveness by using mobile telephones that they already have in their pockets. 

    TT Asset Mobile cuts the cost of equipment management and increases the accuracy of inventories by enabling easy data collection on construction sites. The application is offered as an add-on product to the web-based solution, TraceTracker Asset.

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    TT Asset Mobile makes asset tracking easy for building and construction companies. Tools and equipment are marked with 2D bar codes (also known as QR codes) and/or RFID tags. Then mobile phone cameras are used to scan and register the tags in the field. RFID tags are read with small RFID readers that communicate with smart phones through Bluetooth. As soon as a tag has been read, TT Asset Mobile displays information about the equipment piece, its status and location. Users can:
    TT Asset Mobile shares the same database with the web application TT Asset. No synchronizing is necessary because the data is constantly updated and consistent across both applications. With TT Asset users can view large maps of project sites, search for equipment across projects, set alarms for equipment misuse, manage equipment repairs and access a wide spectrum of reports.
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