Product Overview
TraceTracker offers a wide range of product traceability, asset tracking and business intelligence products and solutions to address critical business needs. 

  • Applications
  • Harness and leverage product or asset data for specific business purposes using specialized applications. Each application includes a unique interface for viewing, managing and analyzing data. Behind the scenes, reports and dashboards are enabled by a powerful business intelligence engine. All of the solutions are based on best practices and industry standards such as EPCIS.

  • Middleware
  • Track and trace products or assets at your own facilities or across the supply chain using TraceTracker's innovative middleware. The middleware products capture, store and organize data relating to individual items such as assets, products, ingredients, components, or production batches. The items are marked with unique identifiers such as electronic product codes (EPC) so they can be tracked between locations, business units or trading partners. Both the data capture and data uploading process can be automated so it occurs without fail every time.
  • Solutions
  • TraceTracker applications and middleware enable diverse solution areas:
  • Asset Tracking
  • Traceability
  • Business intelligence
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