What is EPCIS?
EPCIS, or Electronic Product Code Information Services, is an EPCglobal standard for sharing EPC related information between trading partners. It streamlines product traceability and asset tracking by providing a way for disparate applications to use EPC data. EPCIS provides important new capabilities to improve efficiency, security, and visibility in global supply chains,
and complements lower level EPCglobal tag, reader, and middleware standards.

An EPC, or Electronic Product Code is a unique serialized identifier for any kind of item. EPCs are used to identify individually items which can be anything from physical assets, tools, equipment, vehicles or returnable containers to products or production batches.

Instead of just sharing EPCs, EPCIS enables enterprises to share contextual information related to EPC marked items. As an item moves along a supply chain or between business units, information about the location and status of the item can be recorded at specific points in time. This “event” data can then be shared by multiple supply chain players thus enabling asset tracking and product traceability.
  • Why use EPCIS?
  • If your business involves handling physical goods – for example, if your organization
    is a manufacturer, distributor, logistics provider, reseller or large end user of tangible
    goods – then you probably already consume information internally or exchange
    information externally about the location and status of goods and assets. The EPCIS standard
    provides a path for cost-effectively sharing information with a much finer granularity of
  • TraceTracker and EPCIS
  • TraceTracker is a proud supporter of the EPCIS standard and offers EPCIS-compliant products. Since 2005, TraceTracker has been a member of EPCglobal, contributing to the development of standards through advisory groups such as the EPCIS Software Action Group. Besides product development, TraceTracker offers expert services related to EPCIS including EPCIS consulting, training, and project management.
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