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GPAS - Global Product Authentication Service

Protects your brand against counterfeiting, verifies origin and gives global supply chain analytics.

GPAS enables the creation of a secure unique copy protection image to be applied to a client’s product via labels or packaging that employs a range of overt and covert security print features. GPAS uses HPEs HAVEN Analytics platform to unlock hidden actionable analytics that can be merged with consumer sentiment data to provide a real-time product and brand monitoring solution. GPAS Block Chain Service is offered as an extension in GPAS. of the  To learn more, goto the GPAS section, download product sheet, scan the QR-code or send us an email (button)...

Dynamic Story Telling

Interactive and dynamic story creation by scanning QR-code.

Let the consumer or business partner retrieve the dynamic story about your product.

The unique QR-code on each products label is a key to unlock information about the whole process for this particular product. The brand owner decides what information to share and also decides how to administer feedback from consumers. The app works on every platform which has an internet connection. The framework allows for multiple sections (pages), linking of other sites, full editing of text and pictures. 

Traceability Information Exchange

Our two core services, the traceability engine which stores and handle all traceability information and the master data server/CRM are seamlessly integrated. This architecture ensures both optimized performance and efficient access to functionality.

Mobile Abattoir Operation

Android App for classification and serialization of carcasses in a (mobile) abattoir.

Android based application for classification, weight registration, serialization and printing of carcass and product labels. On-line integration to scales, off-line operation modus for error free operation, and synchronization with planning system (Farm CRM) and reporting to authorities (daily report). 

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