Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is our partner in the segments of pharma, medical equipment and agriculture industries. HPE provides it Global Product Authentication Service (GPAS) to enable copy protection and to ensure verification of product authenticity. In this segments we provide the EPCIS service to ensure conformation with the new regulations in these segments.  

TracTechnology AB

TracTechnology provides traceability solutions to its customers. Their offering is based on the TraceTracker traceability services and covers the whole chain from farm to fork, including utilizing advanced RFID-technology to automate identification and registration. Offering alsp covers mobile solutions for the consumer to tell the story of the origin of the animal and the processes the meat has gone through.

Fundator AS

Fundator is our main application development partner. Fundator have a number of highly competent senior developers covering all aspects of application development and technologies. 

ACT Logimark AS

ACT Logimark is our technical partner, covering advanced RFID technologies. ACT Logimark is also a competent partner when it comes to industrial printing and data capturing solutions. 


Infonett Røros AS

Infonett Røros is a reseller of TraceTracker covering the middle parts of Norway.



Animalia is a meat R&D institute in Norway. We are teaming with Animalia in the fields of cutting optimizing, process automation and process control. 

Hälsingestintan Concept

Hälsingestintan Concept is the concept of Ethical Meat which Hälsingestintan is bringing abroad. First to go is Le Bouef Ethique in France. TraceTracker's solutions are a part of the concept.

GS1 is a leading global organization dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions that improve efficiency and visibility in global supply chains. The GS1 system of standards is used by TraceTracker as the preferred means to achieve globally unique identification. TraceTracker is a member of EPCglobal and supports the EPCIS architecture.

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