Dynamic Story Telling

Create your story in 1-2-3 

Our ready to use mobile platform comes with 3 predefined sections and a lot of user configurable sections. This enable you to save both time and resources, and reduce the time-to-market with your unique and dynamic story. 

The mobile platform is tightly integrated with our traceability services and CRM/Master data services, which enables on-the-fly story creation based on origin, product journey, product status, time and location.

Application design and layout, advanced functions like two-way consumer communication via sms-gateway, brand protection features and supply chain analytics may be added to the service.

The application is triggered by scanning the QR-code on the product label. You may try yourself by scanning the one on the right (in Swedish).

Below is an example of functionality in the basic version of the platform.  

  • Pictures of the products

  • Any product description you like, formatted as you prefer

  • Dynamic or specific (serialized) information

  • Dynamic product journey graph

  • Expandable sections

  • Links to related information 

Object Section (Product)
Category Section (Farmer)
  • Choose a category page

  • Add a category description

  • Add a suitable pictura

  • Add links or other features

Brand Section
  • Add brand information as you prefer (links, pictures, text, logos)

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