Hälsingestintan AB


Hälsingestintan was founded in 1999 as a reaction to the poor range of meat in Swedish food stores. It was almost impossible to purchase Swedish quality meat. Quality had long given way to anonymous low price meat. However, it had not always been like that. It was not like that before, and we knew that it did not look like that everywhere. At home on the farm in Järvsö we have never compromised, always valued quality as crucial for the taste experience. We have always understood that the quality, accuracy and precision go hand in hand with taste experience.

Rydells Kvalitetstyckning AB

Rydells is a cutting plant owned by Hälsingestintan. They handle all maturing, cutting and packaging of the meat in the Ethical Meat Concept. Each individual piece of meat are labelled with an unique code (QR-code) which gives anyone who scans the code information about animal and farm origin. The information is non-manipulative and automatically controlled with the Swedish authorities animal register. In addition each code has the GPAS (Global Product Authentication Service) copy protection functionality from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Gudruns AB

Gudruns is a well established meat brand in Sweden. Gudrun is a customer of our reseller TracTechnology and are using our services for story telling for a selected group of products originating from the largest farm in Sweden. The solution is integrated with their Marel traceability solution Innova. 

Tine SA

Tine is the number one dairy in Norway, famous also abroad for its Jarsberg cheese. We deliver our EPCIS service to Tine which they use for handling all pallet and container transactions.

Norsk Lastbærer Pool AS

NLP owns and rent out all plastic pallets and trays used in Norway's food industry and retail. NLP and their customers utilizes our EPCIS service to keep track of all these pallets and trays in order to calculate rent, rental periods and whereabouts. This is millions of transactions and all items have their unique identity. 

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