TraceTracker Partners
GS1 is a leading global organization dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions that improve efficiency and visibility in global supply chains. The GS1 system of standards is used by the TraceTracker as the preferred means to achieve globally unique identification. TraceTracker is a member of EPCglobal and supports the EPCIS architecture.
HRAFN is a specialist in RFID technology and provides both consulting services and innovative solutions that make full use of the technology. TraceTracker and HRAFN collaborate on a range of RFID projects.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is our partner in the segments of pharma, medical equipment and agriculture industries. HPE provides it Global Product

Authentication Service (GPAS) to enable copy protection and to ensure verification of product authenticity. In this segments we provide the EPCIS service to ensure conformation with the new regulations in these segments.  

TracTechnology provides non-manipulative traceability to its customers. Their offering is basert on the TraceTracker traceability services and covers the whole chain from farm to fork, including utilizing advanced RFID-technology to automate identification and registration og weight of cattle on a daily basis, and mobile solutions for the consumer to tell the story of the origin of the animal and the processes the meat has gone through.
SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture is internationally recognized as the leading authority in the field of the utilization of renewable marine resources.TraceTracker has worked closely with SINTEF on several EU funded projects, developing principles and models for electronic traceability.
Hälsingestintan is a small but very innovative Swedish meat brand. They have developed a mobile abattoir on wheels, freeing the animals from the often long and stressful journey from farm to slaughterhouse. In addition they have enabled full traceability from the farms, through their manufacturing processes to the end consumer.  

Tracesoft is a Kenyan IT-company which been a TraceTracker partner for many years. Currently we are working together on two very interesting projects: An RFID project for Safaricom and a traceability project for the horticulture industry in Kenya.
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