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Small but highly specialized Norwegian company

TraceTracker is a software company dedicated to making software for capturing, storing and presenting traceability information in complex supply chains. All information is shared in real time, both giving complete business vide KPIs and operational dashboards monitoring every process. 

Pioneers in the implementation of automated data capture solutions

Our application architecture ensures connectivity to any data capture device, any ERP-system and other solutions. Years of building and testing has given us both a knowledge of what is actually working and a set of ready to use moduls for our customers to choose from. Most companies start from scratch just once, after that one has to accept that companies have multiples of more or less integrated solutions in place. The core of traceability is to be able to integrate and get hold of the information elements needed to build the whole story, across the chain.

More than 20 years experience in supply chain traceability

The whole team has a broad and long lasting experience from both the food industry and the service industry. The experience covers global companies in several industries, it covers deep industrial knowledge, advanced supply chain logistics and related technology solutions.

This cross field experience makes us stand out and differentiate us from our competitors.

Our Team
Viktor Varan, CEO

viktor@tracetracker.com | Phone: +47 950 62 032

Viktor Varan joined TraceTracker in December 2013 as CEO. Varan's experience consists of 20+ years in different management positions in the meat industry, amongst them head of traceability team during a nationwide e.coli crisis. Varan is also CEO of Enlight, a fully owned subsidiary of TraceTracker. 

Pål Nilsen, Head of Operations

paal@tracetracker.com | Phone:  +47 907 46 337

Pål is our technical wizard, balancing all of our databases and applications in the cloud. Pål also handles capturing devices, networking devices and making sure every software component is up to date. He takes care of support and keeps the software running with exceptional uptime figures.

Espen Braathe, Business Developer Executive 

espen@tracetracker.com | Phone: +47 982 62 903

5 years as an IT architect and Nordic instructor for IBM education services gives Espen a strong technical background. This is coupled with the ability to explain and address complicated technical problems and explain them to a wider audience. 

Espen is a talented public speaker and was one of IBM's primary spokespersons. He has 5 years experience in business development roles combining new technology and the corresponding business processes.  Broad international experience in coordination teams across geographies and aligning strategy toward broad adaptation of new technologies. 

Espen's strength lies in combining technology and business process to influence key executives to take action. The combination of business and technical skills generates the necessary level of trust and he is considered by many as a leader in the field of traceability

Our Board

TraceTracker AS is fully owned by Brødrene Kverneland Invest AS.

The Chairman of the board is Ådne Kverneland, Viktor Varan (CEO) is a board member.

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