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by creating dynamic stories
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We are a small team of dedicated people focusing on re-establishing the relationship and trust between the producer of food and the consumer.


We believe that presenting a story to the consumer will inspire people to a better and more trustfully food experience.  

Product and Services

We believe that consumers want to know more about your products. We believe that some wants to create an experience, - an opportunity where food is more than just feed. We believe that some wants to know the origin of the food, others want to know more about the product's characteristics. Others are seeking trust and certainty, and others may feel well with the brand ethics.

There are so many differentiators that may be elements in your story, why don't you enlighten your consumers with the things just you can tell them? 

GPAS - Global Product Authentication Service
The global standard for solving counterfeit.

GPAS has become the global standard to solving counterfeit, grey market and supply chain challenges surrounding the manufacture and distribution of finished goods. Created in 2009, GPAS initially protected HP’s supply chain, the 9th largest in the world.


GPAS has been extended to the external market and has seen a wide range of customers use the service in a variety of market sectors including Food & Beverage, Nutraceutical, FMCG, Apparel, Electronics and CPG to name a few.

GPAS also includes Blockchain Services, which targets specific benefits like: 

  • Transparency (Client and Regulatory entities)

  • Transparency (Brand/Market Promotion)

  • Incentivize & Reward Part SC Partner participation/data sharing via cryptocurrency

  • Scalability/Enabling ease of SC partner participation

  • Security (immutable nature of data records)

Digital Fiber
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